Wedding Photography

Whether you have a modern or traditional wedding, your wedding day is a big deal. Planning your wedding is both exciting and overwhelming. You’ll scour the internet for vendors on your lunch break as time becomes pressing for planning. You strive for perfection, and still, there are many decisions and details for that day.

When your day arrives, you will exchange vows, leaving your rings to symbolize the promise to each other. The flowers will fade, the DJ will pack up, and your guests will have had their fill of good eats and drinks. You may repurpose your dress, planning to pass it down or have it cleaned, preserved, and stored away.

Regardless, those memories are fleeting. In thinking about your future, what will last from your wedding? Your wedding photos are a significant part of those memories for generations to cherish.

Many moments make up your day, but the special intimate ones that unfold are the most moving. Those moments when your mom zippers up your dress and turns to face her daughter now as a bride. She then smiles as her eyes well up with joyful tears.

Like, joining your hands at the altar while the officiate defines your marriage. Or the joyful tear softly rolling down your dad’s cheek while he’s slowly swirling on the dance floor with his daughter. And what about your “bestie” busting out a solo crazy dance in the middle of your circle group on the dance floor? These are some of the many memorable stories to tell, and it would be an honor and privilege to be the one to capture them for you.

Reminisce your fondest moments while flipping through the pages of your first family heirloom album. And the joyous feeling of seeing your photo enlargements when your eyes scan the walls of your home.

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