About Me

Repairing an electronic mechanism in my “boom box” as a teenager persuaded me into an electronics career as an adult. I’m a jack of all trades and will try to fix anything. But I had a great passion. Throughout it all, I always had a camera and was obsessed with photography. So, this is my story‚Ķ

As I continually pleaded with my mother to hand over her Kodak Instamatic camera to take a family photo, it didn’t empower her to trust a nine-year-old with this task. I always knew one day she’d cave, and she did. Eagerly, I grabbed this rectangular-shaped camera box and noosed the nylon strap around my wrist. I trembled excitedly as I anxiously rested my finger atop the shutter button. I could still hear her voice saying, “Make sure everyone is in the middle.” They all were. Shiny, happy people with smiling faces lined across the viewfinder. Before they could utter the word cheese, down went my finger as the first photograph I’d ever taken. The following Christmas, I received a Polaroid instant camera of my own.

High school brought new inspirations. However, I couldn’t imagine sitting through another quiet study hall period. It was the longest fifty minutes of the day, waiting to be saved by the bell like a stumbling boxer in the ring. At that moment, I realized I needed a change and challenged myself. I replaced every study hall with an art class throughout the four-year duration of high school. Photography was always my favorite, knowing I could take one of those school-owned 35mm film cameras out for a spin one day. Then, knowing that I could edit and develop my negatives in a dark room exhilarated me.

That passion carried into adulthood. One day, I had extra cash from the 2008 economic stimulus check. Should I pay some bills or use the stimulus check in which it was intended? I stared at my computer screen, displaying a “view cart” page on a camera retailer’s website. So, there it was. An entry-level digital SLR camera was in the cart next to the “pay now” button. It arrived a week later.

Since then, I decided to turn my decade-long gig into Samuel Anthony Photography. During that time, I determined that I best applied my creative skills, capturing the love of couples, families and the swank of a high school senior. But the achievements I take the most pride in are coaxing you to unwind in front of the camera and create images you’ll love, enlarge and hang over your sofa.

And that is my story. I’m interested to hear yours.

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